Uniting Medical Students & Graduates of International Med-Schools in Italy

Sharing insights & personal experiences during the studies and beyond for a successful medical career and a strong professional network.

What’s our Mission?


I’m Alex, a graduate of Pavia Medical School. Some of you might know me from MEDschool.it Blog, where we’ve been helping international students to get into medical schools in Italy.

After years of running MEDschool.it I’ve noticed that once students get into the med-school, we loose touch and the whole network effect and community feeling dissipates.

Hey! That’s exactly what MEDstudents.it is here to change!

MEDstudents.it aims to reunite the students and graduates of all international medical schools in Italy to share valuable experiences, make new connections and allow new collaborations.

Planning an Erasmus?
Choosing a specialty?
Searching for graduates abroad?
Looking for clinical experience?

We want MEDstudents to have something valuable for every med-student at every stage. This is where we need you to help us understand your needs and make MEDstudents the “go-to” resource for students like you.

Lets shape MEDstudents’ future together:

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Let’s work together

If you feel that the mission of MEDstudents.it resonates with you and you’d like to contribute and take part in forming this project, just drop me a message.